MIT-ETT targets young faculties who in turn will have direct contact with thousands of Nigerian students every session. So, in a few years to come, Nigerian Universities will be turning out thousands of problem solvers who will drive the industries, government agencies, institutions, and more!

Spring 2022 Fellows

Left to right: David, Funmilayo, Tinu, Aniekan, Akinwumi, Ijeoma, Enoruwa, Aderonke, Salihu (February 2022)
"The quote of Oliver Wendell Holmes best captured my summary quote “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. Indeed, the ETT experience has stretched me beyond the yield point and given me new view/perspectives about teaching. Just like it’s difficult for a stretched elastic or rubber to return to its original state so it is for me to return to old ways of teaching and research."
Dr. Aderonke Busayo Sakpere
"ETT fellowship has opened my eyes to see the world around me, it has shown me the place of my career and my regional space in global development. I can now see the emerging developmental trends and the requirements to get to the zenith. I have commenced the journey already and I would get there in no distant time."
Dr. Aniekan Okon
“MIT has a culture of self-belief, drive, excellence, innovation and learning by practice resulting to doing what appears seemingly impossible, which is the mindset required by all stakeholders in Nigerian education towards creating ground-breaking solutions that can lead to wealth generation for the nation.”
Dr. Akinwumi Abimbola Amusan
"The MIT learning ecosystem is catalytical. Hardly would anybody be around and not get fired up to succeed and to change the world. The things that I’ve been exposed to during my stay are imprinted on my mind and have equipped me with the blueprints for becoming an extraordinary leader and a proactive change agent in my university community and beyond. And hopefully, I can pass these ideas and energy on to most of my colleagues in the near future so that together we can help transform the learning ecosystem in Nigerian universities and help to produce problem solvers, innovators, and creators that can compete favorably at the global level. "
Dr. David Etor

Fall 2022 Fellows

Fall 2022 ETT fellows
Fall 2022 Fellows at Harvard Square.
"The ETT program is a game changer in my academic career. Thanks to the multi-faceted interactions with MIT professors in the past 16 weeks, among several other rigorous academic activities, I currently feel very adequate and capable of anchoring university classes and delivering top-rated tertiary education that would be acceptable anywhere in the world."
Dr. Joseph Oyetola Oyekale
"My semester at MIT was transformational and thought-provoking as it completely changed my mindset about teaching from the conventional teaching methods to the best modern practices."
Dr. Abubakar Idris Bashir
"The MIT-ETT fellowship has extended my teaching and research skills in a way that would enable me to teach my students so they flourish and become innovators and adaptive problem solvers."
Dr. Chidiebere Diyoke
"The ETT program offered me the opportunity to work with some of the best faculties in the world of STEM through different active learning and teaching strategies. With this kind of fellowship, most of the challenges in the Nigerian Education system can easily be addressed if we change our approaches to teaching and learning thereby producing the next generation of problem solvers and inventors of the future Nigeria we dream of."
Dr. Mohammed Dahiru Buhari

Fall 2019 Fellows

Fall 2019 Fellows at the Media Lab (October 2019). From left: Ameer Mohammed, Ibukun Adewale, Amir Bature, Ifeanyichukwu Edeh.
"MIT is an innovation powerhouse, not because of its enormous resources, but because of its unimaginable belief that everything is possible and its creative use of resources. An ecosystem that harnesses and tacitly infuses such mentality in educators, like the ETT program, is poised to revolutionize the Nigerian education sector by providing a critical mass of instructors that will train the inventors of the future."
Dr. Ameer Mohammed
"The ETT program has empowered me to develop a teaching method based on Constructive Alignment that assesses an array of cognitive processes aimed at producing graduates endowed with problem solving skills, creativity and innovation for value creation. I also learned to write a grant-winning research proposal in order to conduct groundbreaking research with high impact factor while leveraging MIT online resources and connection already established."
Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Edeh
"The ETT program totally changes the mindset of next generation of academicians for engaging the current world standards of learning and teaching. They get the opportunity to learn and mingle with the best Professors and experience and practice the best university level teaching methods that are in line with creativity and problem solving in the best engineering university in the world."
Dr. Amir Abdullahi Bature
"At the end of my semester at MIT, I can categorically conclude that holistic and beneficial education must be the training and development of the intellect, creativity and enterprise."
Dr. Ibukun Dapo ADEWALE

Spring 2019 Fellows

“The program has enhanced my teaching and research capabilities, it is only logical, that getting more lecturers with the same type of acquired mindset from this program will revolutionize the education sector in Nigeria.”
Dr. Chika Yinka-Banjo
“The MIT-ETT program is a revolution of the higher education industry in Nigeria. Every fellow is a change agent and I am confident that if every fellow implements all they’ve learnt, a larger percentage of our students will become job creators, providing innovative and creative solutions to problems that affect humanity.”
Dr. Olayinka O. ADEWUMI
“The ETT Program provides an opportunity to integrate innovative student oriented practices, with strategies that empower the Fellows to make a lasting and profound impact on their students.”
Dr. David Obada
“I realized that it is not enough for the teacher to have expertise in a subject, but that the teaching practices and methodology are equally important for effective learning of students.”
Dr. Razak O. Alli-Oke
“My experience at MIT has empowered me with rich knowledge and skills to produce innovative and productive graduates that are problem solvers. To train job creators, the MIT-ETT programme is a must-have type of experience for African faculties in Science and Engineering education.”
Dr. Amos O. Bajeh

Fall 2018 Fellows

Prof. Akinwande (second left) and the Fall 2018 fellows at the Killian Court, December 2018.
"This program exposed me to so many opportunities which included learning new ways of structuring and delivering course content in a manner that imparts skills of open-ended problem solving to the students."
Dr. Abdulkareem Abubakar
Ahmadu Bello University
"My semester at MIT exceeded my expectations by exposing me to the best content delivery method which enhances creativity and develop problem solving skills in students. I also have a deeper understanding of the structure of the undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Curriculum and how the courses can be structured to produce graduates with the required problem-solving skills."
Dr. Mubarak D. MUHAMMAD
Bayero University, Kano
"My trip to MIT was very eye-opening .... thanks to the program I am a better lecturer and a better person."
Dr. Olawale B. AKINWALE
Obafemi Awolowo University
"The MIT ETT program is really empowering as it is expository. MIT is a fast paced-environment, well organized, offering infinite opportunities to learn and develop through diverse people, resources and events."
Dr. Nehemiah S. ALOZIE
University of Lagos

Spring 2018 Fellows

From left to right: Dr. Abubakar, Dr. Diemuodeke, Dr. Uche, and Dr. Ilori
"My semester at MIT superseded my expectations .... in addition to all the other benefits the opportunity to form collaborations with faculty who have similar research interests is an invaluable one."
Dr. Obioma U. UCHE
American University of Nigeria
"The program gave me a renewed motivation to teach and learn and also the opportunity to network for scholarly advancement. These opportunities place one in a position to influence the teaching process in Nigeria."
Dr. Olusoji O. Ilori
Obafemi Awolowo University
"I am now well informed of my responsibilities as an academic – teaching, research and service to the immediate communities. While I ensure that all the responsibilities are well attended to, I will use the experience gained from the MIT-ETT programme to harmonise all the responsibility for the best impact."
Dr. Ogheneruona E. Diemuodeke
University of Port Harcourt